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Hundreds arrested as UK organised crime network is cracked.

British and European Law enforcement agencies gained critical access to crypto-communications among organized crime groups, and significant insight into the manoeuvres and actions of various suspects involved, including many ‘Gangland Untouchables’ who “thought they would never be caught,”. It has

Police gain real-time access to organized crimes Cryto-Communications

EncroChat unlocked: Gangland Untouchables exposed as police read secret texts of assassins and drug smugglers.

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Paul Massey’s killing

The gangland figures murdered the hits ordered on EncroChat: How killings of Salford’s ‘Mr Big’ Paul Massey and mob ‘fixer’ John Kinsella were called in using encrypted phone network.

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EncroChat crackdown

A wave of arrests were made following a targeted hacking of EncroChat devices. A collaboration between UK, Irish and European Police agencies resulted in a “significant,” number of arrests being made, the seizure of 15 phones using EncroChat software and

Inside top-secret £3k-a-year EncroChat phone system

Marketed as the “world’s most secure handset,” ,’ banks, online shops, even WhatsApp use end-to-end encryption. What most people will see if they try and hack into the system is jumbled up data which is unintelligible. The phones have two

Its goodbye from EncroChat. But it’s not goodnight.

A huge amount of data has been obtained but it doesn’t necessarily establish criminality. Lawyers, Bankers, Family Offices may also use EncroChat or one of the many alternatives that’s still around. The use of EncroChat platform itself is not illegal;

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